What E-Commerce Platform Suits A CBD Store

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With such a rise in the popularity of CBD in the last few years, the market has grown to a great extent. The legalization of the drug in various places and claims regarding its medical benefits has contributed to making this new trend so popular. When the health and wellness industry is embracing the compound and more and more studies are being performed to study its effectiveness, there is no better time than this to get on board. The sale of this supplement has been legalized recently and there is a rush to get the products available to the enthusiasts. Before you enter the market, learn about the best way to set up a legal online CBD store. In this post, we explain various ways you can set up an e-commerce store.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol has seen a growing popularity in the past few years due to the increasing awareness about its therapeutic properties and the legalization. Though started as a treatment alternative for ill people, more and more people have started taking interest in this supplement as a way to improve their general health and wellness. This compound is one of the chemicals present in the cannabis plant and it is non-psychoactive. Looking at the claims and studies about its varied medical benefits, a number of countries are legalizing the drug and it is now legal to open a CBD e-commerce store.

How to Create a CBD E-Commerce Store

Once you have decided to launch your own online cannabidiol store, there are two choices – SaaS and Self-Hosted. Both these are great platforms for your store and can create dynamic, powerful sites.

Self-Hosting with WooCommerce and WordPress

WordPress is currently dominating the internet and it is so easy to use that anybody can make a simple website with the software. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform designed for WordPress and offers a wide range of options and customizability to help you build a CBD store. However, it can be somewhat limited without expert skills. It takes some professional skills to optimize your site and it is best to leave it to experts. With limited customer support and frequent add-ins, it can take some time to learn using it. This means that WordPress and WooCommerce are powerful for your e-commerce store but are not for the inexperienced. You may require professional designers to build a site you want.


Software as a Service offers a platform with all the software and tools you need to run an e-commerce business and provides everything you need to sustain and grow. BigCommerce powers some of the biggest brands in the world and combines branding and marketing with e-Commerce. It is specifically designed for novice users to be able to build, customize as well as optimize the e-commerce stores. And it is not just for those without technical skills, it offers a lot of options within HTML and CSS to help developers use it. It makes use of customizable options and templates to let anybody create a website that puts their ideas into reality.

HTML Coding for Your E-Commerce Site

HTML or Hypertext markup language is everything that creates your website. All the HTML pages can be considered to be blocks or objects nested inside one another like this –







<head></head> are the tags that appear at the starting of any page. They contain information like the page title, description and more. The <body></body> tag comes after the head tag and contains all that is displayed in the web browser. <a href=’URL’> are the link tags that include the text or image you want to use. <img scr = ‘URL’> are the image tags that point to the location of your image. The browser loads the image from the URL you specify.

When you create a website using HTML, a color can be created using a combination of the three primary colors. These colors have a value between 0 and 255 representing its involvement in the final color. A color code in HTML is represented by a hash sign followed by the intensity of the three colors red, green and blue. Writing a color in hexadecimal notation, you get two digits between ‘oo’ and ‘ff’. This is why an HTML color code is always seven characters in length. The color code for green is #00ff00 and 0000ff is the HTML color blue codes. The tones can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the values of these colors in the right proportion.

You can use HTML codes for Twitter to add Twitter buttons on your website. You just need to go to publish.twitter.com in your web browser and use the dropdown button to select the type of content you want to use. Copy the HTML code you see popping up and paste in the right area of your source code.